This is a glass rod executed with the same procedure as the “murrine”. A sheaf of rods of different colours is prepared with a given design, it is heated to the melting point; two metal rods are then attached at the ends of the molten mass while two maestros draw it out and impart a movement of rotation. The fluidity of the material is such that il can be twisted at will lo assume its characteristic spiral-like shape inside.

This type of object was already known in Murana in the XVI century with the name of “a retortoli” glass. The current name of “zanfirico” is taken from the Venetian nineteenth century dealer Antonio Sanquirico who proposed this process anew. During the 50s, the refined vases designed by Paolo Venini (and the daring figurines by Fulvio Bianconi were executed with this technique. The painter Dino Martens obtained the most outstanding results when he designed pieces produced by Aureliano Toso’s that were unique for imagination and colour combinations.